Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ron Donnellan shield

Sunrise at the race start. About 110 kms with a climb up the range and lots of rollers
 56 racers in a handicap, 24 minute group is under way
 Go group of just 2 riders! Go Jenny and Vince, what a hard ask!
 Strange sights worthy of any Tour
 The 12 minute group 
 Nervous Nellies at the feed station
 A tourism moment at the Burdekin bridge
 This year was higher than the lower 10 or so markers
 Winner! Gavin Taylor, Marlin Coast Cycle Sport by a handy margin
 2nd Chris Clem, Pensar Hawk Racing, and 3rd, a Cairns Pump and Pedals bike shop racer I don't know. That is two Cairns riders placing in a Townsville race! Hopefully more will join us next year and keep the rivalry going.
 I got a sunburn but it was worth it. It isn't a Grand Tour race, but it is one of our classics and it is fantastic to get out and be a part of it.

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