Thursday, May 31, 2012


At the end of the day my cycling socks were still freezing cold and wet from riding in the rain this morning, so I dug deep into the office lingerie drawer and pulled out warm woolen socks perfect to acknowledge Ryder Hesjedal's Giro victory. And they were cozy too. Maybe woolen kneesocks and lycra are the combo we need to bridge the tribal divide between Roadies and everyone else on a bike. well I am doing my part!

Gratuitous garden shot, a bromeliad coming into bloom. I was hanging around the garden waiting for Scott to take me to look at a second hand bike - but more about that later...


Tim Joe said...

So between Cadel last year and Ryder this year you are covered on both home fronts.

That film clip from Adaptation you stumbled across the other day certainly didn't apply to my beloved readers. Really. Peace


Dee said...

Glad you dropped by TJ, thanks for appreciating us readers of your blog, hope you can get some rides in soon. I see so many guys riding in flip flops (women too), and I always smile and think of your style.