Friday, June 22, 2012

meh Friday

No perfect blue sky today, it is raining, but at least the temps are in the teens. I have decided I would rather be warm than dry. The commute today was surprisingly pleasant thanks to a Specialised rain jacket that actually keeps you dry while preventing sweaty buildup. Of course my 'lower half' got soaked, but it is surprising how well stuff dries on the wee clothes line in my office.

I had a REALLY BIG DAY at work, but it is all done now, and do to my amazing talents I don't have to go in over the weekend after all. Yay!

It was too rainy to expose my phone to the elements for a photo, which is a shame, because it was very pretty today. Instead, I give you comfort food.

Roasted Mediterranean vegetables and spags. Basic, bursting with flavor, hot and good with red wine. Life is sweet.

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