Friday, June 1, 2012

new bike!

My bike is really dirty
 so I got a clean one
Just kidding! I love my bike very much, and I am going to wash it tomorrow. I have a friend who is smaller than me (!) who has had me on the lookout for a cheap road bike. This one came up in an email alert from a site called "Gumtree", like an Aussie Craigslist I suppose. Little bikes are quite rare, and this is a tad smaller than mine. I just went ahead and bought it because it is really lovely and was very cheap. It looks like someone may have run into/over the front wheel, but the bike is fine. New wheel has been ordered, and soon I will have a new riding companion! It is always so exciting to test ride and buy a new bike, even if you know it isn't for you to keep. I'll take it to work a few times next week for fun though, that is my cut on the deal.

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