Sunday, June 24, 2012


I really love good produce, I would have made a good farmers wife if that was the way it turned out. Of course not knowing any farmers sons in my early years was a barrier. Anyway, things turned out very well and we are urban gardeners instead. We always have the pumpkins in the left of the photo because we buy them and eat them and the seeds sprout out of the compost and scramble around making fruit. They are called Jap pumpkins, which is probably a political correctness issue for reasons I cannot know, but that is what they are called. The QB pumpkin is a Queensland Blue, there is just the one in the photo, the pale blue grey one. I don't usually buy them just because they are so huge. I have never seen the ironbark variety before, and I am keen to give it a try. It is also huge, but look at it! So magnificent, and the lady at the Fruit Barn tells us it is a really tasty variety. I bet it breeds true as well and will scramble all over my back yard. Hope so.

It was really cold today, never got over 20. All this cool and pumpkins has got me thinking about a trip to the Hants County Exhibition in September. The oldest agricultural exhibition in North America is well worth planning your holidays around.


Theresa said...

Beautiful pumpkins! What fruit shop do you visit?

I'm just about to nominate you for a blog award, so in a few minutes you can check out my post and play along if you feel like it :)

Dee said...

The good old Currajong Fruit Barn. I got in the habit when we lived in the neighbourhood. I am off to your blog to see what is up!