Friday, June 29, 2012


I had a free day today, and so I had a big ride, food, a nap... the best sort of day. I headed out for a ride, and traveled some new roads, with mixed reviews. I like a 50km loop, and this ride was that, but the 4km bike lane beside the highway that I hadn't ridden before disappointed at the end:
Yes we have maintenance issues

As you can see in the photo the sun only shone in fits and starts, but it was a lovely 2 and a quarter hour ride for 60 kms and there were things that made me smile:
  • I saw a proper farm turkey take flight, and I always believed they couldn't fly, so that was cool
  • there were Shetland ponies
  • a fence with brightly painted helmets on every post
  • pelicans in flight against a perfect patch of blue
  • every bike and skate park full of kids doing their thing
  • an orange gummy candy on the road where I was thinking "nobody cycles this way"

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