Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday chores

I love a quiet day at home to pfaff around. After coffee and all that we went shopping to buy a scale so I could get a lemon cake right. I made it and took it to a friends last night, but it was pretty flat and I knew I needed to get my weights correct, so I finally graduated from using cups to grams today.
The recipe promises to use 3 lemons, but it is a BBC Good food recipe (, and they don't grow em like we do here in Queensland! 

My new little helper made a much plumper cake

It should be fabulous. I add zest and some fruit to the sauce, and I boil it for awhile to cook everything up and get it a bit thick. 

Then time to plant Mae's coriander seeds, lettuce and dill. Harvest greens for dinner.

Except for two spuds we grew all this. Gardening is great.

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