Monday, June 4, 2012


Looking good! The grey is diatomaceous earth, because we have a ton of soft bodied grubs who would chew this stuff, except now it is all scratchy and unpleasant. Beats poisons. I love greens. Growing veggies is deeply satisfying. SSoon heading into the backyard to pick supper will be just magic. 


Tim Joe said...

I have a tomato plant and a pepper plant, started from seeds. They are growing rapidly. Tomatoes at the store are about $1.50 US each.

So this is a money plant.


Dee said...

Same with my parsley plants, and the mint that grows around those garden beds. It is over 3 bucks usually for a little limp bundle of herbs. I am shocked that tomatoes are so expensive in Florida, but then we are currently in the expensive cycle for tomatoes too. Soon they will be in season locally, and cheap, but home grown tastes best.