Monday, July 30, 2012


tj from over in Florida suggested I might need to add beer to my diet, and I thought it over and decided it couldn't hurt. So yesterday after riding for hours I opened the fridge to find there wasn't any. Another desperate hydrator had drunk the last one which had been languishing in there since Christmas.   In a fit of guilt he bought some more, and I have started on a new dietary supplement and hydration routine as concocted by the Whispering Pines Trailer Park and Institute of Sport.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday rides

It was really cold this morning, so we got up and pfaffed about and read the news etc. and then finally rolled out around 10am. After 60kms even I was getting hungry so we came home and ate and relaxed a bit and then rode over to visit a friend, and rode home and there is the day pretty much used up but over 80kms on the dial. I hope I can still do this when I retire, what a great way to enjoy a day.

On track to finish.

Now for a photo, here is a miniature sansivaria  I am very fond of. A small piece of this plant inexplicably fell into my sisters handbag at the Mt. Cootha Botanic Gardens years ago and I now have two pots full. My tax dollars delivering the goods!

Saturday, July 28, 2012


A flower habit may be developing. There isn't much blooming in the yard, and these daffs were only 4 bucks at the supermarket, so who could resist a little sunshine on the table. I immediately thought of these sweet heart shaped caladium when contemplating greenery from the garden to make an arrangement.
I don't feel all that crash hot today, as evidenced by the fact that I could easily have won back first place in the women's leader board of the 1788 challenge, but I just couldn't be bothered. I haven't been hungry all day, and that makes me nervous. I usually eat like a Sumo wrestler. That is why I love cycling, do it enough and you have carte blanche to eat whatever you like pretty much.

So I had a rest day of only one ride of 54 kms. 21 % done! 

Friday, July 27, 2012


google galah and get a nice photo ; )
I love cycling into the dam because it is a nice rural area and I get to see galahs. They never come into the city, but are plentiful on the fringes. I just adore them, pink and grey parrots (pigeon sized) with a distinctive "squeeky metal gate" sort of call. They are very shy and is is hard to get close.

I admit that I am getting tired. I was going to do 100kms today, but I gave it up and didn't do the second ride after lunch. I had a big nap instead. 64.7 kms, 18% done, 327 kms in 5 days, 25 days to go.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

first light

Time to ride. My heart beats. The sound of the ratchet on my shoes raises the intensity of my heartbeat. I grasp my water bottles and head down the stairs and my breathing quickens. To ride. Two  hours, 50.4 kms, no effort, sheer enjoyment, the amazing time worm which makes the whole thing seem like 10 minutes. I am deep in the groove, 262 kms into the challenge, 13% done, 26 days to go.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

early rides, long shadows

All these long early rides have acquainted me with a constant companion.
Today I was trying to manage my nutrition, but there was a huge morning tea for a retiring staff member. Luckily I ate a healthy sandwich and a banana before this, I took an early shot but more food arrived and the table was groaning with a lot of my favorite things (cheesy and salty). This ruined lunch and even afternoon tea, but I was still in good shape for the ride home. Fat is such a worthy nutrient.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

on top

I am not sure why there is a leaderboard, I thought we were all going to do our sums and do a 'one slack day a week distance' verses a 'little bit less but every day' distance. I am obviously angling for a day in the garden. I do have a life you know.

My chosen 50km loop in the morning takes me inland, and every stroke of the pedal it got a little colder this morning. My feet were numb and my joints got all stiff. I may have to do a seaward loop and see if that is a bit warmer. It was probably above 10, but the wind was really cutting. At least the sun was shining. 28 days to go.

Monday, July 23, 2012

getting started

This is a pretty honest BLOG, and I honestly look like a goob in my commuting gear. Style has been sacrificed for warmth, and so I arrive soaking wet but still cold. I have sensitive eyes and those hideous Adidas Evil Eyes (I have two pairs!) do a pretty good job of keeping the wind out, but I still cry a river on these cold mornings.
It was a lovely start at daybreak (6:30 am) and the bikeway was packed out with runners and dog walkers. Pram free at that time of day, thank heavens for small mercies. 71 kms into the 1788 challenge, and feeling good. I was about ready to eat a horse by 10 am though, so I need to rethink the larder at work. Only 29 rides to go.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Paluma Push

OK, to my shame I didn't ride the Paluma Push this year, mountain biking and I have had a bit of a parting of the ways. We just aren't getting each other at all, it is a relationship that needs a lot of work. We went to watch the finish and cheer on friends though. The event has blown out to 550 riders doing a recreational class of 43 or so kms, and the serious racers doing 68 or so kms. Just the drive to Hidden Valley inspired me to give it another go. Rainforest grading to tall eucalypt and then casurina and finally the iron bark scrub (all in less than 20kms). I want to ride this road, and soon.

excuse the shots through the front window, done in real time and shaky.

Of course those who rode the race were very happy at the end. Some really good times this year, and the most magnificent day imaginable. Maybe next year...

 Finally, tomorrow I start a challenge which will be doable, but demanding of me because I need to get up and moving early, and I am not good at that. I'll be blogging on how I am going though. This will be my biggest month ever!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sunrise over Pallarenda beach

Ok I have been a bit slack with photos, but I spent that time on cycling advocacy research and writing, so meh., cut me some slack. I also had a new cyclist pick up a bike at my house on Wednesday, I pulled her into work, and brought her home again. She is sold, and a new commuter will be riding to Uni. It was too easy (she is a runner) but what a great use of a donated bike to promote cycling. She will be buying a bike soon, and the one I loaned her will go to a French student as so it goes around and around. Kind of like pedaling a bike.

Today I forced myself out of bed for an icy cold early morning ride,
This is about the 30 km mark of a coffee ride. It was freezing this morning ( well about 10C but a wind chill factor) but I was determined to get up and ride. Big challenge starts on Monday, stay tuned but it will be hard and early mornings will need to be routine, so time to suck it up and get started. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

project 365

I have taken a photo every day, I swear! I have just been busy and watching Tour de France has kept me away from the computer in the evenings. We record the stage and the start watching when we get home from work. The broadcast is from around 10 pm til 2pm which is outside my functional awareness zone.

Monday: rowers under the bridge under grey skies. I am getting tired of grey skies.

Tuesday, an official visit to the Townsville Hospital secure bike shed, which is full most days. Time to help lobby for more (and I am delighted that we need to do that)

Wednesday and I need to walk across campus for a meeting, and I am moved by the beauty of the tropics. A University with wild spaces is a lovely thing.

Wednesday dinner involves the BBQ and secret Men's cooking business. Mmmmm.... rissoles

Sunday, July 15, 2012

just a Sunday

This should have been a post about an epic race, where lashing rain and insane winds proved I was a real hard cyclist. Sadly, those conditions summoned up visions of me out of control on an open highway with road trains, and I shuddered and stayed in bed. The result is a big dose of guilt and regret (it was a tail wind!!) and lots of energy to do other things with my Sunday.

The promised preserved lemons

My bog standard, bullet proof banana cake, with a generous dose of coco and some chocolate chips that were languishing in the fridge. Nothing puts a dark, cold day to rights like the oven on and the smell of something chocolate baking. If I haven't posted this recipe remind me and I will.

One of ?? 30 hands of fresh tumeric all scrubbed up and looking rather frighteningly like big grubs.

I found a recipe for fresh tumeric pickle. Just peel, slice thinly, put in a sterile jar with a tablespoon of salt and cover in lime juice. Let sit in the sun for 3 days it says, but I am not optimistic about the sun part. Now to tackle the Sunday Roast! Domestic Goddess indeed!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

happy birthday

Yes it is my birthday again already. Life seems to be ramping up and flying past, I had better pedal faster. I had an indulgent sleep in because it was raining when we usually rise to kit up and ride, but by the time I got up it was pretty good so we headed out for a short coffee ride. Ageing well is on your mind a bit when you are facing another tick on the odometer of life. I think I am ageing well despite a new crinkle under my right eye, because I can ride my bike with no effort, and a great deal of pleasure, and I am pretty healthy.

I had a huge lunch with my family and friends, and added roses to the weekly shopping basket because I deserve them. 

Puttering around the house and garden is a celebration worthy of birthdays as far as I am concerned. Do not ask me what I am going to do with this much tumeric. We only planted a little bit, I swear.

Friday, July 13, 2012

low ceiling

We are so not having a dry season this year. It is lovely though to see green all year round.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

wine o'clock

Doh, forgot to take a photo. This will do. Time to go watch last night's Tour, after didging spoilers all day. Cheers!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I hear it's been windy

I heard it was windy and rainy while I was gone
Things are a bit tilted in the old veggie patch

No lemons were damaged though. I am running out of lemon ideas but will salt some this weekend.

so glad to be home

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

conference day 2

The Australia and New Zealand Map Society (of which I am a proud member) had a booth in the trade area to hopefully sign up new members, and this puzzle was a great ice breaker. This was near completion number 3 I think, as we kept finishing it and then breaking it up again. I had forgotten what good fun a puzzle is.
By lunchtime on day 2 you are getting a bit saturated with cartographic thought, and the mind wanders a bit to other passions

an authentic VANMOOF dutch bike. We won't speculate about the seat angle, looks mighty uncomfortable though. I couldn't resist hefting it and it wasn't as heavy as I expected.

Some really nice steel classic bikes converted to single speed, assuming they are fixies.

Home again, and I am told it has rained so much that I couldn't have ridden anyway, so I didn't miss much. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

conference day 1

Quality control alert to the Swiss globe makers! I'll let you spot the errors yourself. Good conference so far, but it makes for a very long day.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

on the road again

I love my State Library (and a good thing too as I have paid for it). A perfect place for a mapping conference.
Best satchel ever award to the organisers. Love it to bits.

After six in Brisbane. Very dark but pretty safe. I don't linger on the streets though.

Should be good.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

new cyclist!

My friend Kiran is back in town, and we quickly arranged a get together to fit her on the bike I bought for her on spec, go for a short ride, then eat a nice dinner and drink fine wine. 

She needs to get a helmet, because I love my Met Stradivarius too much to part with one, but the verdict on the bike is LOVE. It will be great to get out on longer rides as comfort and confidence increases, but I think we have a new cyclist amongst us from the first ride. Pretty wonderful.

Friday, July 6, 2012

new shirt!

A package in the internal mail that is squooshy is always a good thing. A new t-shirt from my Big Sister! I love that neckline. Lots of compliments from the skeleton crew that was on board today. This is one of those shirts that will stay on top of the stack because you wear it all the time. Thanks!!! And yes I will put the fish brooch on it next time.

rides interrupted

Just when it is looking like I'll get my full ride back... 6 months of new fence across the bikeway. Of course, bikes are not on the radar as users at all...

This section is supposed to be finished today, but seeing as they were busting up the concrete poured on Tuesday, it isn't looking good.

There are all on the "short route" so I'll just have to avoid them by going the long way round.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

evening shadows...

...with pink trees. And yes I live on Love Lane, where else would I want to be?