Monday, July 2, 2012

2 fer

Yesterdays Charters Towers  race:
Cold foggy start. Fog in the inland tastes like dust.
 The usual pre-race instructions. 
The usual result, Adella manages a sprint across the line several minutes behind the rest of D Grade, but hey, I caught and passed a younger rider at about the half way mark and she never got me back in her sights.
Gee ya sure look glamorous at the end of a race. It was great fun though, I love the course.

Today we are just hanging around and recovering. It is "Show Day". Each town in Queensland gets a holiday when their annual Agricultural Exhibition is on. Well if we had a proper one of those I might go, but agriculture isn't what it once was in this part of the world. So this is our annual "Start of the Tour de France" Holiday
Watching the recording from last night at a more civilized hour. I hardly ever watch TV at all, so this is a perfect chance to crochet some pay back for my big sister! The Scott nipped outside to pick me some lemons, and there was a surprise at the top of the ladder:

A python of the healthy and large variety. Wonder if he likes banana flavoured rats?

We got a really good lemon though! Maybe I should have entered it at the Show!


Mae said...

What a beautiful lemon! The python would probably win a ribbon, too. You could also enter the dishcloth in the craft competition. That's it, I've just talked myself into committing to enter something in the Cairns Show. Not a dog, though. Cupcakes?

Dee said...

Cupcakes seem to have morphed from being a tasty treat to being artwork. Could be a challenge. At least it is cool enough for the icing roses to hold up!

Tim Joe said...

I wish I had a Python in my lemon tree. I also wish I had a lemon tree.

A fun post, Dee. Thanks

Dee said...

Don't go dispelling the great Canadian myth that the streets of Florida are all lined with citrus now TJ. Glad you liked the post : )