Tuesday, July 10, 2012

conference day 2

The Australia and New Zealand Map Society (of which I am a proud member) had a booth in the trade area to hopefully sign up new members, and this puzzle was a great ice breaker. This was near completion number 3 I think, as we kept finishing it and then breaking it up again. I had forgotten what good fun a puzzle is.
By lunchtime on day 2 you are getting a bit saturated with cartographic thought, and the mind wanders a bit to other passions

an authentic VANMOOF dutch bike. We won't speculate about the seat angle, looks mighty uncomfortable though. I couldn't resist hefting it and it wasn't as heavy as I expected.

Some really nice steel classic bikes converted to single speed, assuming they are fixies.

Home again, and I am told it has rained so much that I couldn't have ridden anyway, so I didn't miss much. 

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