Monday, July 23, 2012

getting started

This is a pretty honest BLOG, and I honestly look like a goob in my commuting gear. Style has been sacrificed for warmth, and so I arrive soaking wet but still cold. I have sensitive eyes and those hideous Adidas Evil Eyes (I have two pairs!) do a pretty good job of keeping the wind out, but I still cry a river on these cold mornings.
It was a lovely start at daybreak (6:30 am) and the bikeway was packed out with runners and dog walkers. Pram free at that time of day, thank heavens for small mercies. 71 kms into the 1788 challenge, and feeling good. I was about ready to eat a horse by 10 am though, so I need to rethink the larder at work. Only 29 rides to go.


Mae said...

Why 1788? I mean, as opposed to 1790 or 1800. It just seems like a messy number to me.

Dee said...

It is the date of the first fleet into Sydney (so they say), my interest in Australian history has been a bit (ahem) limited. I'll ne glad they didn't round up by the end.