Saturday, July 14, 2012

happy birthday

Yes it is my birthday again already. Life seems to be ramping up and flying past, I had better pedal faster. I had an indulgent sleep in because it was raining when we usually rise to kit up and ride, but by the time I got up it was pretty good so we headed out for a short coffee ride. Ageing well is on your mind a bit when you are facing another tick on the odometer of life. I think I am ageing well despite a new crinkle under my right eye, because I can ride my bike with no effort, and a great deal of pleasure, and I am pretty healthy.

I had a huge lunch with my family and friends, and added roses to the weekly shopping basket because I deserve them. 

Puttering around the house and garden is a celebration worthy of birthdays as far as I am concerned. Do not ask me what I am going to do with this much tumeric. We only planted a little bit, I swear.


TJC said...

Happy Birthday, Dee! Have a hug on me!

Mine was July 3rd. I have always felt the seventh month was the best. Enjoy your day.


Dee said...

Doh, I didn't get the link to your post to work, have fixed. Birthday Buddy! How very cool! You get a big hug back, hope summer is treating you OK and the BBQ is greasy with use.