Monday, July 30, 2012


tj from over in Florida suggested I might need to add beer to my diet, and I thought it over and decided it couldn't hurt. So yesterday after riding for hours I opened the fridge to find there wasn't any. Another desperate hydrator had drunk the last one which had been languishing in there since Christmas.   In a fit of guilt he bought some more, and I have started on a new dietary supplement and hydration routine as concocted by the Whispering Pines Trailer Park and Institute of Sport.


Mae said...

Do your thighs look like this yet?

Dee said...

I am pleased to say that while my mileage is up, my effort is down, and so I still have the wonderful shapely legs that my Mother gave me and my friends all envy. Thank heavens, those guys are scary!

Mae said...

Thank heavens!!!