Sunday, July 15, 2012

just a Sunday

This should have been a post about an epic race, where lashing rain and insane winds proved I was a real hard cyclist. Sadly, those conditions summoned up visions of me out of control on an open highway with road trains, and I shuddered and stayed in bed. The result is a big dose of guilt and regret (it was a tail wind!!) and lots of energy to do other things with my Sunday.

The promised preserved lemons

My bog standard, bullet proof banana cake, with a generous dose of coco and some chocolate chips that were languishing in the fridge. Nothing puts a dark, cold day to rights like the oven on and the smell of something chocolate baking. If I haven't posted this recipe remind me and I will.

One of ?? 30 hands of fresh tumeric all scrubbed up and looking rather frighteningly like big grubs.

I found a recipe for fresh tumeric pickle. Just peel, slice thinly, put in a sterile jar with a tablespoon of salt and cover in lime juice. Let sit in the sun for 3 days it says, but I am not optimistic about the sun part. Now to tackle the Sunday Roast! Domestic Goddess indeed!

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