Tuesday, July 24, 2012

on top

I am not sure why there is a leaderboard, I thought we were all going to do our sums and do a 'one slack day a week distance' verses a 'little bit less but every day' distance. I am obviously angling for a day in the garden. I do have a life you know.

My chosen 50km loop in the morning takes me inland, and every stroke of the pedal it got a little colder this morning. My feet were numb and my joints got all stiff. I may have to do a seaward loop and see if that is a bit warmer. It was probably above 10, but the wind was really cutting. At least the sun was shining. 28 days to go.


Mae said...

I've swapped my morning walk for an afternoon walk. Mornings are too cold for me. With Eric away, the dogs object too loudly to me walking away, so I'm driving to the Kewarra shops and parking, then walking to the beach. On days when I get away from work too late for that walk, I'm walking the Esplanade- that's nice too. Wherever I walk, I see so many walkers, joggers, dog walkers, pram pushers and cyclists that I'm surprised at all the statistics published about our unfit and overweight society. Crikey if all those unfit people were out exercising we'd need multilevel footpaths. Anyone reading this, who thinks I should be walking my dogs, hasn't met my dogs.

Dee said...

I can assure my legions of readers that Mae has dreadful little dogs who only want to attack big dogs when out "walking". We love them dearly though.

I totally agree with your observation Mae. I used to have the bikeway pretty much to myself 10 years ago, now it is packed out at 6:30 am, and don't get me started on 5:00 pm. More people are starting to run on the roads, with a predicable BOO HOO from motorists. The sooner we ban on street parking in Australia the better it will be.

Groover said...

Top of the leader board? Will you still talk to me? :-)

Dee said...

I suspect if you sign on and upload your "holiday" rides to this challenge, you would leave us all for dead! My secret to success in these things is consistency. I may only do 60 to 70 kms a day, but I do it every single day without fail. Boring but lovely for me. I am feeling great!