Sunday, July 22, 2012

Paluma Push

OK, to my shame I didn't ride the Paluma Push this year, mountain biking and I have had a bit of a parting of the ways. We just aren't getting each other at all, it is a relationship that needs a lot of work. We went to watch the finish and cheer on friends though. The event has blown out to 550 riders doing a recreational class of 43 or so kms, and the serious racers doing 68 or so kms. Just the drive to Hidden Valley inspired me to give it another go. Rainforest grading to tall eucalypt and then casurina and finally the iron bark scrub (all in less than 20kms). I want to ride this road, and soon.

excuse the shots through the front window, done in real time and shaky.

Of course those who rode the race were very happy at the end. Some really good times this year, and the most magnificent day imaginable. Maybe next year...

 Finally, tomorrow I start a challenge which will be doable, but demanding of me because I need to get up and moving early, and I am not good at that. I'll be blogging on how I am going though. This will be my biggest month ever!

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