Wednesday, July 18, 2012

project 365

I have taken a photo every day, I swear! I have just been busy and watching Tour de France has kept me away from the computer in the evenings. We record the stage and the start watching when we get home from work. The broadcast is from around 10 pm til 2pm which is outside my functional awareness zone.

Monday: rowers under the bridge under grey skies. I am getting tired of grey skies.

Tuesday, an official visit to the Townsville Hospital secure bike shed, which is full most days. Time to help lobby for more (and I am delighted that we need to do that)

Wednesday and I need to walk across campus for a meeting, and I am moved by the beauty of the tropics. A University with wild spaces is a lovely thing.

Wednesday dinner involves the BBQ and secret Men's cooking business. Mmmmm.... rissoles

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