Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sunrise over Pallarenda beach

Ok I have been a bit slack with photos, but I spent that time on cycling advocacy research and writing, so meh., cut me some slack. I also had a new cyclist pick up a bike at my house on Wednesday, I pulled her into work, and brought her home again. She is sold, and a new commuter will be riding to Uni. It was too easy (she is a runner) but what a great use of a donated bike to promote cycling. She will be buying a bike soon, and the one I loaned her will go to a French student as so it goes around and around. Kind of like pedaling a bike.

Today I forced myself out of bed for an icy cold early morning ride,
This is about the 30 km mark of a coffee ride. It was freezing this morning ( well about 10C but a wind chill factor) but I was determined to get up and ride. Big challenge starts on Monday, stay tuned but it will be hard and early mornings will need to be routine, so time to suck it up and get started. 

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