Saturday, July 28, 2012


A flower habit may be developing. There isn't much blooming in the yard, and these daffs were only 4 bucks at the supermarket, so who could resist a little sunshine on the table. I immediately thought of these sweet heart shaped caladium when contemplating greenery from the garden to make an arrangement.
I don't feel all that crash hot today, as evidenced by the fact that I could easily have won back first place in the women's leader board of the 1788 challenge, but I just couldn't be bothered. I haven't been hungry all day, and that makes me nervous. I usually eat like a Sumo wrestler. That is why I love cycling, do it enough and you have carte blanche to eat whatever you like pretty much.

So I had a rest day of only one ride of 54 kms. 21 % done! 


Trailer Park Cyclist said...

sounds to me like a probable beer shortage in your diet. take two and call me in the morning. I recommend a nice black & tan.

doctor tj

Dee said...

You know what tj, I may just take that advice on board, I do think hydration is an issue.