Sunday, August 5, 2012

acting normal

 Actually, I can't act normal because I am not normal. It is really frustrating to deal with medical professionals who can't understand how I live. I think I am normal, but I am wrong. I took the cheap new bike for a roll today to tune up the fit. It is a rock solid tourer. I noodled 6 kms and really enjoyed the difference of a cheap, heavy little bike. Nice and solid. Really nice gearing. Many happy kms to be ridden. 

I wasn't in a hurry ( I am not supposed to be riding) so I stopped to admire kapok blooms against a perfect sky. There was shopping to be done, and I squandered 5 bucks on fresh flowers. 

It is good to be out amongst it.


Tim Joe said...

After a week of such aggravation that I have not been able to pay attention to my beloved blog roll I get caught up today only to find out that you took my advice to drink more beer and then ended up in hospital! How much did you drink? Am I under investigation for practicing without a license?

I'm sorry!


Dee said...

I only had one tj, which is probably part of the problem : )
Nobody's fault that I am getting older. I have a stress test today, those are always fun. Hopefully back on the bike tomorrow if I get the all clear (and indications are that I will).