Wednesday, August 22, 2012

breakfast and cats

This morning I presented at a "Women in Spatial" breakfast, but don't worry, there was a man there too. It was great fun and I got to meet several new people, which is always a bonus. Hopefully I will see them at future events as well and we can catch up.
I met a lovely Cartographer who thought she was the only cycling mapper. I am already wondering if we can hook up for some rides in the future.

Then we decided to relocate to our hotel closer to the airport, where the nice fellow at the desk suggested a day messing around on boats. Citicats to be precise.
For 5 bucks each we did the full cruise from one end of the river to the other, then got off in the city for a fabulous market day lunch, and more fabulous fresh food for dinner later on. 

This was a very fun way to get around, and at a tenner for a full days outing it is very reasonable. If you are getting around the inner city there is a special free service as well, but we are way out at the extreme end, which is more fun because you get to go fast for long stretches! This may well change where I stay when I come to Brisbane, I always try to walk everywhere, but this is way more fun.


Mae said...

I love Brisbane! Sometimes I sneak away from a boring conference and just ride the ferries up and down. And visit Gardam's Fabrics on Adelaide St of course.

Tim Joe said...

That boat looks capable of space flight. Did it have a laser?