Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gold Fever le Tour

The caravan park had every cabin booked out to cyclists, so there was no noise at night, and no need to tiptoe around at 5:00 am. Everybody was doing it. I don't have any Fondo photos. Suffice to say it was incredibly cold (5 or 6 degree start, 45 minutes late, almost 2 hours of standing around), it was windy, the locals (who knew the way) took off like a cattle station was riding on it, so I kept them is sight til the highway and then settled into ITT with a headwind both ways, but worse on the home leg.
I finished up at the Crit circuit, where there was pandemonium as the streets were not cleared and set up was way behind and all that, so we hung around, got coffee from the excellent coffee van and waited it out. It was cold. Like leave your jacket on all day and sit in the sun cold, which is rare up here. 

Cat 5 split into two and Scott won Cat 5B. We got back to the cabin at dusk after a 5:30 am start, and I was too tired to eat, so we just stayed in, turned on the heat and ate cheese and rolls and tuna and whatever we had. I was very tired. 4:30 alarm and we are on the road to the race back to Townsville, starting at Selheim for a 103 km race homewards to the coast. It was ZERO degrees!! 

I had the sprint point at the bottom of the range where it should be warmer and there was frost, the first I have seen in the tropics. 

Alone but finishing strong about 2 minutes behind the pack. I know everybody wants a win, but on a freezing morning with a long ride on open highway where there are roos and pigs and road trains and the sun rising right in your eyes. I am just so happy that everyone made it safe to the end and did their best. My skin is killing me from the wind, cold and dry. I felt great physically, so that is a relief. 


TJC said...

Congratulations on your finish and tell Scott the same. Glad you are OK


Dee said...

Scott was by far the hardest racer, my goodness it was awful. He was like ice to touch after racing 100+ kms. We have gotten a bit soft living in the tropics, this was a reminder of why we didn't cycle much in Canada!!
I am glad I am OK too, it was a test for me mentally, and I have my confidence back now.

Dee said...
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