Friday, August 31, 2012

on holiday

I have slipped into holiday mode big time. photos have been going to facebook, because you can do that on the sly while visiting and talking. The blog is a bit neglected because it takes you out of the fold to write, and I am here to be in the fold.

We have picked peaches at my Dad's request. What fun!

If it is food, I will eat it. I just had the fish cake, 'cause you don't even have to be hungry to eat a fish cake!

OMG blueberries are FREE from the bushes out the back.

Country style toys!!

Favorite relations

Doing chores, buying peatmoss for $5.80 a bale. We pay $60 in Townsville for the exact same thing, but far from the source.

We had a 50k ride yesterday. My bike needs dialing in and I have a few sore parts but it was marvelous. I had issues with my derailleur and walked up the hill to my parents. If I manage to actually overcome my pathological fear of hills and ride up this one, I will consider it one of my major accomplishments on the bike.

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