Friday, August 10, 2012

road trip

I got a clean enough bill of health from my tests and a visit with my GP today. I like my Doctor because he lets me be. The tests were brilliant, and I need to live my life. It is all good. So off to Charters Towers!!

Can you tell this dog has goggles on? How cute!!

Charters Towers is a historic gold mining town. The venue for registration was the charming Civic Club. Lots of tin and timber.

Beautiful streets, we look with wonder on the rich heritage of a wealthy past

We have humble digs for the weekend. I am doing the 70km Fondo, Scott is doing the Gold Fields le Tour of a 10 km time trial, followed by a 20 minute + 3 lap crit., and then he races back to Townsville (103 km) hoping for a tail wind! I am support on that leg, Gawd I hate handing off water bottles at speed! The weather looks great, we have pasta on the boil, bring it on.

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