Sunday, September 23, 2012

back home

Left Nova Scotia at about 4:30 pm Thursday, traveled for 30 hours in a marathon run to Brisbane and arrived at about mid day on Saturday. The international date line sucks. It seemed like a good idea to keep moving in Brisbane, so after checking in to a motel we showered and changed and walked to the river for some fresh air on the ferry.
 5 bucks gets you 2 hours of sunshine and fresh air, with the best views of the city
 It is festival time
 lantern magic on South Bank!
 Nice shot of the 'Brisbane Eye' considering my phone has me shooting blind in bright light.
 Back in the land of cheap plonk! Yay! Ca nadian wine is OK, but Aussie wine totally rules.
Sunday morning we were up early to do the final leg to Townsville. A month is a long time in the garden in the dry tropics. There were surprises like the first ever bloom on my local golden orchid. apologies for the quality of the shot, I'll do another in the morning
The pot plants were cooked, but they go dormant anyway. Trust me, this will return.

Baby pineapples!

A brown, dead looking yard with Amaryllis blooming all over the place. The hoses are all over and sprinklers are going like mad as a thank you to all these tough plants. 

Missed the boat on these bananas though, but more bunches are forming as the weather warms up

So glad to be back home!! Tomorrow I am going for a long, flat ride. Since we turned on the water the frogs have been croaking a big thanks.

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Mae said...

Looks like dear Brissie was the perfect antidote to a long plane trip. Gorgeous orchid! And the amerylis must have been a welcoming sight. This is when you really appreciate the undemanding plants.