Monday, September 10, 2012

ethnic cuisine

Gathering sea lettuce
 delicate green rubbery tasty leaves
Digging clams
 there are lots, it doesn't take long to get a bucket
 supervision and quality control
 making up onion bags containing one peeled onion, one scrubbed potato, a corn of cob and a chunk of cured sausage, a couple of huge handfuls of clams. Ok 3 or 4, we dug too many.
 ready for the beach!
 Nova Scotian party clothes!
 coming to the boil

Dinner is up! One bag per person. OMG fantastic! The sea lettuce has been dried and is delicious on a salad, or over rice with a stir fry. I am hoping customs lets me bring it home.


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Dee said...

I didn't used to think so. I was a bit embarrassed by all this easy, cheap food from the sea and land, but now it is gold.