Thursday, September 27, 2012

sick and tired

The good thing about having the flu and being jet lagged is that it is really easy to sleep a lot. I knew on the flight from Halifax to Toronto, where a woman behind me was hacking up a lung the whole way, that I was in danger. I figure if they can have heat imaging scanners at airports during bird flu outbreaks, they should be able to have them all the time, and put some sort of bag over the heads of people who are sick to save the rest of us. I think the my employer should send Air Canada a bill for my absence.

Actually, I suffer from presenteeism and today was my first day off. I am now coughing all the time, and out of respect for my coworkers I stayed away today. Frankly, everything I did yesterday was a huge stuff up anyway (broken links and typos on the website!!) so it will be less work if I stop doing things using 20% of my brain.

Yesterday I did ride before work, and it was magic to jump on my now foreign feeling road bike and take off. I thought it would shoot out from under me, I swear. Like a fresh horse that has been too long in the paddock, it bucked and snorted and took a few kms to settle down. I had a wonderful, FLAT ride to start my day and it was very relaxing.

Meanwhile in the garden another tough plant says "no worries" and blooms happily after a month of zero rainfall. And SURPRISE!! There are TWO eaglets in the nest this year, and they are looking good. I am up early every day because the dawn chorus is a cacophony of sound. I had forgotten how full on morning in the tropics can be. First day back we had kookaburras and the eagles and screeching Cockatoos nearly drowning out the songbirds. 
My son got a stylish haircut and upgraded his office wear in my absence
 My new JCU kit arrived, here is a teaser, I'll get Scott to do a full shot tomorrow

It is good to be home and at least I am sick in my own bed, and it is warm.


Tim Joe said...

Well, Lass, by now you must be feeling more better and out and about on your skittish steed; I'll wager that your bicycle has already lost that foreign feel and is once again an extension of your body and soul.

After long periods off the bike I always feel like I'm on one of those penny-farthing contraptions and I am certain that someone sneaked into the trailer and loosened all the nuts and bolts and bearings; then I'll do a lazy fifty or sixty mile day and we once again are as one.

I look forward to future posts and pictures of the new kit, the flowers, the eagles and the snakes the new season of fine ladies wear.

yer pal, tj

Carol said...

Adella - third try.working?

Carol said...

I've figured it out...
I'm so sorry you're sick - I'm making turkey soup and thinking of you. Leaves are turning red and orange. I love fall!