Tuesday, October 9, 2012

back at it

Well I had a top ride this morning out to the dam. There was a rare morning tail wind, and as nice as it was to be scalding along I could only think "bugger I am going to pay for this". You get used to a routine, and I quite like a good sufferfest out to the dam with a reward of free flight when I turn around. It just isn't the same knowing that you are going to have to 'work those knees' to get to work.

Eagle news. We seem to be down to one eaglet and one parent, so one youngster must have fledged a bit too far to get home. The Magpies are probably to blame. I am fairly tolerant of wild things, but we have a real bastard of a Magpie in our yard these days and he/she will not leave the young eagle alone. It is relentless and if I had the means I would remove the pest. It would be thrilling to see the Magpie served up for dinner to the young one though. Poetic justice.

The Scott Edwards Glamour Photography Studio continues to break ground with this shot of my new kit. It should have been a corker of me in action on a tight corner or something, but instead I am my usual disheveled self in that garden at the end of the day.

The lone eaglet is there in the centre, on the branch that goes across towards the nest.
A close up, but not a great one. 

On a nerdy 3D visualization course for the next two days, there may be nerdy photos.

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