Monday, October 8, 2012

being slack

I have taken time off to recover, and I indeed much better. Thanks TJ and carol for dropping by to check my pulse.

I have been able to get some decent riding in, and like TJ says, you quickly get that relationship with the bike back into high gear, and it is lovely to fly along on your perfect ride. It is getting nice and warm too, and as soon as the mornings get over 25 degree C I will be able to ride without blowing my nose all the time, which is a treat.

I have been spending a lot of time in the garden, and it is amazing what a bit of love and water will do in a few short weeks. Here is a better shot on the golden orchid. It is a local native and I was give a small plant collected in the bush (which I would not do myself!) and I am thrilled at how well it has done.
I have been buying flowers

 and cooking up feasts
 harvesting produce. This pumpkin (squash actually) is a funny shape because it was hanging in the orange tree and got all elongated. 
 A flower bed all planted and tucked in with sugar cane mulch. Love that sweet molasses smell when the hot sun heats up the mulch.
 I am missing all that pie! Time to take charge and make my own.
 More flowers, more slow food, Scott made fresh pasta
 Tossed with roaster squash, crisp bacon and garden herbs. I'll start my diet tomorrow (ha!)
Home sweet home.

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Tim Joe said...

I think I like looking at pictures of food almost as much as I like looking at pictures of bicycles.