Wednesday, October 10, 2012

brain dead and no photos

OMG spending an 8 hour day learning complicated new things isn't easier when you are over 50. Although you are probably a bit more motivated than when you were 20. But I had no time for photos.

Before I got out the door this morning we had a kerfuffle and that f**k**g magpie sent my wee eaglet into a spin all the way from the high nest to my low lime tree:
 Smacked into a spiky lime tree, and feeling a bit helpless
 Getting it together for a staged assault on the nest. By the time I got home the nest had been gained and dinner was being served. Man if it was that magpie in my lime tree he would be wearing a cycling shoe up the side of his head. 

And now a word about airline food...
Somewhere in the marathon flight from Canada, probably over the Pacific (since the flight across the country is pretty much food free) I had something so nice I was inspired to make it myself. A simple salad of shredded cabbage, julienned capsicum (those are sweet peppers to you foreigners) and a bit of onion, a scant half cup of nuked frozen corm kernels, then a generous dollop of sesame oil and a lashing of vinegar & salt and that is it. A lovely crunchy salad that was perfect with Korean grilled beef and plain rice. 
I will try and get some nerdyness on film tomorrow, but it is very full on!


Mae said...

That salad looks delicious. Do you still only have 1 adult eagle?

Dee said...

Scott tells me they were both around today, and before dawn they all go off and it sounds like a whole tribe.

Carol said...

OMG - who knew an airline served food you
could even recognize? Was it Air Canada?
surely not...