Monday, October 22, 2012

Croc Trophy

We drove up to Cairns this weekend to see the start of the Crocodile Trophy, and it was wonderful. I regret not taking pictures of pies, because they were an important part of the experience. Aussie meat pies are magic.
 The opening race was a prologue on the Smithfield tracks. A Great chance to see these elite riders up close many times 
 We settled into a pocket of tropical pine in the rainforest and had a fantastic view. A friend from Townsville was competing in this race, which makes him a very big deal! Go Guy! That is him in the red.
 Almost missed the shot but there are two guys on a tandem doing the race! SICK!
 During some small lulls in the action I noticed a plant covered in insects. Just the one plant. Strange and delightfully rainforest creepy.
 Guy finishing well in the Masters 2 category under the famous Croc Trophy finish line. Fantastic.
He looks happy so far, but it gets a lot worse before it gets better! Best of luck and I will be following the rest of the race very closely. It is always thrilling, but even more so this year!

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