Friday, October 12, 2012

just nerds

No nerdy photos, just a photo of nerds
I was a nerd first! I was doing the ESRI 3D course around the corner from my son's place, so he joined me for a coffee and a deep conversation about GIS technologies. Scott joined us and it is amazing how he keeps his eyes from glazing over when we talk shop. My son is an AutoCAD guru and GIS geek, and that is my gift to him I guess.

Meanwhile back at the Uni it is nearly Ride to Work Day and a favorite cycling geek was out working her magic. Bec, a medical student, won a bike last year and is so fired up about this years effort she baked a ton of cookies and exchanged around 100 of them for a Ride to Work day registration from students. I can't imagine ever giving up the BUG work because people like this keep popping up and delighting me. 

We have a few issues with cycling at the Uni right now, but it will all get sorted because I believe.

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