Sunday, October 14, 2012

ouchy weekend

For some strange reason the guys all grabbed their old cyclechinos jerseys for the Saturday coffee ride.   I got nostalgic by having a good old low speed crash with another cyclist and landing hard on my shoulder. Not a bad bingle (I laughed my head off and some grumpy old guy in his yard thought we were nuts) but the shoulder feels a bit sore and stiff today.
 That didn't stop me from riding out to an event to represent the Townsville BUG. Very nice ride to a very nice National Park
Where I promptly got stung on the lip by a wasp who was put out by all the activity. My body doesn't react all that well to Aussie wasps, but I just get a big swelling, no other symptoms.

 Saved by my favorite Knight in shining VW Van, I abandoned
The swelling has evened out on my lip, but the side of my face is now massive. It will go down over the next couple of days, I have been through this before. Usually it is a high speed collision on the bikeway that gets me stung. I think this may be the first time I have ever seen a paper wasp when I was holding still.
Looking very Hollywood with that lip, must get that eyebrow groove spackled next. Ha! I'll be glad to go back to my usual aging visage, this is an honest BLOG after all.


Mae said...

Oh no! How annoying. Can you eat? and talk?

Dee said...

I can eat, but not in polite company. I can talk, nothing can stop me talking, but it is an effort. It is actually slightly worse now (the next morning) so more drugs and I am staying home! I would scare the students to death today.

Carol said...

Oh Dee. Like mother like daughter.
You may want to consider talking
to your Dr about having something
on hand. It could go full
blown reaction next time.
You're still gorgeous, but ouch