Tuesday, October 23, 2012

ride interrupted

I got up and pfaffed around and still managed to leave in good time for a hard ride. I missed out on 50 kms yesterday and i was miffed, because that ride was always 50 ks and now it is not (according to my GPS), go figure. I took my lovely bike off the rack ( my heart quickens) and the back tire was flat. *sigh*

I had it all changed and was pumping up when Scott got home. Better late than never I headed off and fanged for maybe 8kms before I got a flat. I pulled off the road and did a patch job - I just put in a new tube!! - and remounted it. I spared a thought to the implications of me on the roadside, wheel with valve against my upper thigh while I worked my mini pump to fill the tire. Lets just say I managed to continue on my way before the police arrived.

I got to work and hit the showers to discover that my lunch had failed while I was pumping by the roadside and my dress was soaked with melon juice. I put it on anyway because it was all I had, but I couldn't manage the back zip as it wouldn't slide up as usual to allow that most difficult of feminine maneuvers. Stumped, I left the showers to find a fellow techie having a smoke just outside. He fixed me up with the 'whatever happens' attitude that is the mark of a good technical officer. On Ya Rob.

I wafted through the day smelling of sweet fruit and did a deal of work, then kitted up to ride home, to find a flat. *sigh* I walked to the bike shed so I could change my tube and use the floor pump. I think I am well under 15 minutes for a tube change and clean up now. Practice makes perfect. I have set my alarm a half hour earlier than usual for tomorrow, I need a good ride and I will have it!


Groover said...

Three flats in a day? Check the tyre and rim if you haven't done, yet.

Oh, and we are aiming for a three minute tube change, by the way... ;)

Dee said...

When I got home I took the tire off and settled on the front step in the warm sun with tweezers, and removed every trace of glass from every cut. Then we put a patch over a good sized slash that could be causing bulging and failure of the tube. I could just put on a new tire, but fast changes are easier with one that is well broken in, so I want to try keeping this one going for a bit. 3 minutes is beyond me though!!