Wednesday, October 17, 2012


For me, it was my annual drive to work day, but I made up for it by running home. I have a blog full of photos here:

I had to laugh running home. I got all geared up and tied my backpack down with a scarf so it wouldn't bounce around, and headed out from work. I got to the first corner and a workmate pulled over and asked if my bike was broken, and did I need a drive home. "No, I am OK, I am just running home because I had to drive in with the van and breakfast, and my bike is at home but I need the cross training anyway."  Surprise from my workmate "but it is too far".

Has it really come to this? That a 5 km walk/run is beyond the comprehension of normal people? Am I so far out of the loop of normal?

Any way, I did my run home, running for probably 3 kms, and walking either end. I loved it, I need to do more of this. The last km or so was really slow because I know so many cyclists, and they all stopped to ask why I was running, and many thanked me for putting on a brilliant RTW Day breakfast (it was pretty fantastic if I don't say so myself).

So tomorrow I get to get up early and ride, and I intend doing just that. Back to normal and twitching for a bit of free flight.

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