Tuesday, November 27, 2012

all too much

Blogging is like housework, if you leave it go it all gets to be too much and you are tempted to bring in outside labour to put it all right. However, I am way to cheap to outsource, and who on earth would do this for free so bear with me while I catch up.
There have been dogs.
Harmony at dinner time, ructions at other times,  lots of cuddles and sitting on knee.
last weekend I was doing housework and was just moving the plug of the vacuum to another socket when there was the most extraordinary sound, and I looked out to see my neighbours Umbrella tree Schefflera actinophylla had split and half had just fallen down on a still morning. Crazy!
and then orchids bloomed because we had a shower of rain a week ago...

There was a farewell for a valued colleague and I couldn't be there but sent a photo. Hope we spelled out 'Love you!'

and turkeys were born. there is a wee blob above the adult which is a baby. 
a nest of Pacific Bazza chicks at the Uni, 

cut flowers from the garden. Hotel foyer quality arrangements for free, love my garden.

the smell of gardenia fills the house

Oh boy! An interesting and fun meeting and workshop in Brisbane. Well worth the trip. I am in as a member.

WTF does this mean - from the mapping bingo exercise

Fun! Mapping! Wine! I am in heaven.
Alpaca hats from Peru for loving two dogs for two weeks! What a deal! OK, that is it, time for dinner.


Mae said...

An eventful time! I love dog sitting. Binki is here for 3 weeks while Tess is in Bali, she's a valued addition to the family. When she goes home our 2 dogs will seem too few. However, since you don't have resident dogs you'll see the turkey babies grow up. I'm hoping for lots of photos of them.

Theresa said...

Aw, baby bush turkeys! I love them, they are so sweet.

Tim Joe said...

Miss Dee, you seem to be having a damned fine life. And what hats! Beautiful!

The blogging chores are bad enough, but the maintenance of the over fifty Blogs that I follow has become a part time job. But a work of joy, nonetheless. There are more than a few sites that I visit where I am the only commenter and how could I abandon my far-off friends?

Your site is one that I find a pleasant source of envious wonder. It would be a treat to come to Australia and wander about by bicycle. Someday, perhaps, when my fame is finally secure...someday...


Dee said...

Well thanks everybody for admiring my turkey and my hats. I do have a sweet life TJ and I never take it for granted.