Friday, November 2, 2012

Can you plan for the unknown

Today was our School of Earth and Environmental Science planning day, and while I am normally a bit dismissive of these sorts of things, I found it useful and informative. (Is it just me, or is this font really annoying and different from the usual?) Anyway, we are at James Cook University, and sometimes the wildlife was the best part of the day.
Hanging out for leftovers. I have learned that if it is cheese, it is kookaburra food

 All the usual suspects. I adore this building at JCU, it is our best tropical architectural example of  design for the tropics, and was sadly not replicated all over the campus.
 The future. Or not.
When I got home there were this many FREE delicious tomatoes from my rouge self planted bush on the footpath. So we are winning. I can't predict the future, but there will be cycling, and tomatoes.

note, the font has gone from a big, big serif to the usual on publish. Phew.


Theresa said...

Ha, we have our planning day on Tuesday. It will be my first one - I got out of it last year because I was on a plane home from the US. Will be interesting, if nothing else!

The Old Bag said...

*sigh* our cycling and tomato days are gone until next summer.

Dee said...

OB- winter is our tomato season, so this is the last hurrah. I couldn't go back to a cold climate now, giving up cycling for months just isn't possible any more. Hope you are feeling much better.

Theresa, enjoy. It is actually very interesting, especially with so much change in the university sector.