Thursday, November 15, 2012

lost the plot

...or at least the desire to write the plot down. It has been too long since I put anything up here. It really has just been the usual drill. Ride, work, eat, sleep, repeat. We are caring for a couple of dogs for a friend, and they conspire to keep me from blogging by leaping onto my knee, then wrestling and kissing me and just generally making it impossible to type until I am too tired to remember what I was going to type anyway. I am therefore doing this at the end of the day before I escape the office. People are obviously missing me because my legion of followers (all 6 of you) are turning up in new places like Linked In and facebook seeing if I am still around. I appreciate that. So now to get some photos up because I do take em and this is a good place to keep em.
The promised photo of my son actually using his mug that his Aunt made at work because it is his favorite.
orchid pollination. we have the vine but not the right insects for nature to take it's course. The master at work
the map library, don't get me started on the map library. Downsizing AGAIN and  feeling close to tears most of the time.  I am re-homing what I can (this series is off to the National Library of Australia) but these things take time and I don't have a lot. I am going to have to get very creative with the space I do have
strange tree on campus that I never noticed in bloom before
this is actually a bloom. It is like something from Dr Suess
lots of riding and coffee to cope with the stress of the library thing
the solar eclipse! nerdy glasses! early ride! perfect! it was so good I forgot it was my anniversary - oops. When every day is good you stop looking for some to be better than others.
well at least somebody remembered
but wait it was a really big bunch so there is more
spent several hours doing an audit of bike parking to help develop the plan  to improve facilities on campus, and (of course) to update my maps. This will be a priority for improvement in my report!
and finally a shot of a fantastic old Schwinn all loved up and parked in the rock garden (another source of disaster and stress due to signage from hell issues, but that is another story) What a sweet bike!!! 


Mae said...

Hello! Great pics. We had a great view of the eclipse except for about 4 minutes of cloud, this included the 2 minutes of totality. bugger. The cockatoos panicked when it got dark, and headed for the hills shreeeking.

Mae said...

Oh I forgot. I'm going to Brisbane tomorrow. Thought I'd better mention it in case you'll be there too.

Tim Joe said...

It all looks fairly idyllic and yes, quite Seuss-like, too.

The Schwinn looks well loved. I would like to see that rack a little better.

I am not sure that I understood...are you saying there are stacks of maps (one of my favorite things) headed for the trash heap? Say it ain't so!


Dee said...

It is so TJ, I have thrown away a lot of maps and will continue to do so, we just don't need small scale maps in the library when you can have them on your phone for free. I try to rehome anything of significance, and NLA is my best friend because they almost always take what I offer.
I will be stalking that schwinn looking to get some close up shots.

Dee said...

Hey Mae I am not in BNE til Monday week, have fun!

Mae said...

I'm in Brisbane again on the 28th. Is that Monday week? I've never figured out Aussie time terms.

Dee said...

The 28th is Wednesday week, I fly home on Tuesday. Doh. Ships in the night.