Thursday, November 1, 2012

road hazards

This morning as I turned into the dam there was a surprise across the road. What looked to me to be a dead pig the size of a cow! I told the Rangers about it, and they assured me that pigs are solitary beasts, and if I got close there wouldn't be a mourner in the bushed defending the remains. Upon my return I found the poor thing was smaller than he seemed, so I took my photo and then went back to confess to the Rangers that tales of giant pigs may be grossly exaggerated.

I was a bit concerned that there are pigs in these parts, because if you hit one it is going to hurt you more than it does them. However, on closer inspection this poor hairy porker was shot, and then prepared to be hung for dressing. You can see the loop of white rope through the rear leg. The Rangers speculated he fell off a truck going around that corner.

The only thing more deadly than hitting a pig would be getting hit by a flying pig off a truck. The roads are fraught with danger around here! Ride safe!

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babble on said...

I shouldn't laugh, but the thought of being taken out by a flying pig did make me chuckle. Just imagine the eulogy...