Tuesday, November 20, 2012

summer arrives

...and there is intense heat, and the roll of thunder that never manages to turn into a storm. Madness at work. A sustainability workshop which is a big DUH! to those of us who get it. Want How to to save the world? Don't be greedy. Share. Be kind. I am too old for strident demands. Don't eat meat. why? Are we going to die because there are cattle, sheep and goats? Is is really all their fault?

What do we do at an institutional level. Here is my list:

1. trust employees to buy ethically rather then institutionally, no more 'preferred suppliers'
2. turn off the friggin' air conditioning from May til September.
3. set the air con at 25 degrees when it is on
4. showers and bike parking and clothes lines for  bike commuters for f***s sake.

What a hard day of nonsense. All the problems we face are human constructs. Change management issues, we need to meet and talk and work through it. People can make it work, but we need to relate as people, and I am all done in.


Mae said...

I just got invited to a"sustainability workshop" based around making crafts from recycled plastic. Good grief, as if making junk from junk was going to do any sort of good!

Dee said...

we need to run out of oil and feel hungry before they get it.