Wednesday, November 28, 2012

sweet ride

Today I forgot to take all my raffle tickets for the Townsville BUG 'win a commuter bike' raffle to work. Doh. So instead of delivering them a single km at lunch time I had to ride home at the end of the day, get the tickets and deliver them west to Kirwan, a suburb about 6 kms away. Well I want you to know.

Every day. Every single working day of my life I cycle home into the teeth of a reliable afternoon onshore wind, because I work to the west of my home. Some days it is just a wee hauling of the log. Some days it howls to make you laugh and gasp as the tears stream from your eyes. But today, today was special because I grabbed my tickets at home (and some lemons and limes for Bec!) and I turned my back on that wind and fairly flew that journey west. Magic, and best of all the wind dies down around 6pm, so I had a cruisey ride home too. Sweet

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