Sunday, December 9, 2012

a gardener cuts flowers

It was quite hot today, but around 3 I thought it was time to go into the garden and cut some flowers. I sluffed on my crocs and went downstairs, where I noticed some pot plants looking a bit hot, so I got out the hose and watered. As I watered one of my favorite ground covers started snapping and throwing seeds, so I turned off the water, weeded the bed where they grow and top dressed with compost I bought at the hardware store today. Then I continued watering and the seeds snapped an flew but the garden was ready to receive them.

I grabbed my secateurs and headed out to the flowers, and cut some, but it has been hot and dry and last years growth is all brown so I waded in and cut back all the old growth. I am feeling a bit nervous, because I wasn't planning to 'garden' in this heat, and I am not dressed for the chore. I have on bare feet in crocs, running shorts, a singlet and no hat. This means that I am vulnerable to green ant attacks, geckos and very large spiders who may decide to run up a leg, sunburn and dirt and stuff accumulating in my hair. Luckily nobody attacks, but stuff does fall on my head.

I pick up the cut Heliconia and walk towards the house, and notice that the parsley is looking very sad and yellow, so I grab another bag of compost, top dress the garden bed where the parsley grows, add some dynamic lifter (chicken poo pellets) plant coriander seeds and set up the water.

I finally go into the house and put the flowers in vases. An hour and a half + has passed.

I think I am a cyclist because I am at that stage of life where you can just lose yourself in the chore of the moment. An couple of hours on the bike, an hour in the garden. It is not a chore at all, it is just what you are doing. Deep contentment.


Tim Joe said...

Chicken poo is the best kind. Your post is organic. Simple sentences sound..simple.Not yours, mine. Just back from a horrific journey I just wanted to pay my rerpects before I go off-grid for a bit. Tend the fires, lass, I will be back.


Dee said...

sorry the journey wasn't wonderful. I'll be here when you return.