Friday, December 7, 2012

Award winner

I won some serious accolades this evening, and I hardly know what to say. Usually award winners thank the little people, but I am a little person who won an award, so I would like to thank all the people who motivate and inspire me, and the institution that supports me.
Cycling ticks all the boxes, it enhances campus life, community engagements and sustainable practice. 
A hot summer awards evening at JCU. That woman next to me is the financial controller for the University, and when she was new to her job she summoned me to her office and grilled me about infrastructure and amenity for cyclists at the university. I was brutally frank, and it has been a beautiful relationship. I am privileged to work with people like this, honoured really. I never had access to such spheres of influence in the past, and now I am on committees that support upper management. There has been a huge cultural change in the last few years. I am really lucky to be here.

OMG the award itself is just stunning. Way too nice for the office, sorry, this is at home in my art space.


Mae said...

Congratulations on your awards! We attended the Cairns Tropeco awards last night. They went all out with the catering, and the Boathouse is a lovely venue.

Dee said...

I really liked that the awards were shared across the campuses. I suppose you knew I had won and had to keep a secret! Hopefully next year a community gardener will romp away with it.

Groover said...

A big congrats from us! Well deserved!

Carol said...

You always make me so proud!
Mom scolded me roundly because
I hadn't seen them and she was so excited about it!
I walked the dogs on the marsh
this morning. Oh, the birds!! Cardinals! A dusting of snow
made a black and white landscape
and they glowed like fire at night. I was agog...