Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas lights ride 2012

It is time to get Christmas happening around here! Matthias supplies the decorations as well as the baking, and he hasn't even been here in over a decade. Love this bike, it has been ridden to bits by successive trainees after Matthias left it with me, and has now been gently and artfully retired from service.
There is slow cooked stew from a friend

fishcakes and curried bits & bites. The smell of simmering salt fish about had me in tears of delight. We had marinated chicken drummies, and Cajun red beans and rice, and a curry and salads and breads and cheese and Scott's famous smoked salmon cheesecake and crackers and bread and pickles loads of champagne like substances and sparkling Shiraz, Australia's gift to Christmas. 
Then a chance to sit down for a bit while I drove my son somewhere for probably the very last time. That car is seriously awesome for a twelve year old. That kid is seriously awesome too.

And so it begins with drinks and food and the setting sun.

Time to roll out in style

There was a dead snake, a live tree frog to be rescued from the road, and the Griswolds seem to have migrated to Australia.


Carol said...

Good grief! That's a lot of lights. even by Australian standards! I want to know how to make the cheesecake. :)

Groover said...

Wow, you guys put a lot of effort in your Christmas Lights Ride. BoaB looks like a cycling santa's helper. First prize for the outfit! Well done and Merry Christmas to you both!