Tuesday, December 4, 2012

don't give up

It is getting hot, so whenever I kit up at the end of the day there is surprise from my dear co-workers that I am still riding. Well it is not that hot, and anyway, I never quit. Ordinary people quit, not me. There was an ad for a bike for sale on Gumtree (which is gone because it was a giveaway) this morning for a really nice entry level Giant roadbike that the owner had bought with good intentions and had about 5kms on it and now they were selling it for a pittance. I was so sad, I should have emailed that guy and offered to ride with him. Seriously, he never gave it a chance. He gave up after he spent the money and before he started cycling. That is crazy stuff. What a crying shame.

Meanwhile I am enjoying life and the garden:
Summer crocus

Poinciana blooms. Scott had to prune back some branches because we are getting solar power installed soon, and these were too good to waste!! 

How exciting! Construction has started on a new end of ride facility in the medical precinct on campus! If it looks hot in this photo, it is because it was. I had black shoes on and I think I fried my toes.

summer means growth, even if the grounds crew has just pruned. What a lovely colour.

I have been pretty slack lately, what with the stresses of life and work, the start of summer and that feeling of release that comes with the end of semester. I still ride every day, but some days are a short ride, some days are a soft ride. I suppose this is the prize, to go out and ride soft and easy for 35 kms, and then regret that you didn't ride hard. But at least you didn't give up.

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