Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

We started with an early ride out to the beach at Pallarenda. Really lovely morning and there were at least as many cyclists on the road as cars. I just love a Christmas morning ride.

My hearts desire, Ritchey titanium pedals. I have had a few pairs of Ritchey Pro V4 mountain bike pedals (and worn them out) so going to the top of the range is a bit special. I also got my favorite perfume, new white wall tires, which is a surprise because I didn't think they still made them, and lots of tubes and zinc and a t-shirt. Missing from photo is a delightful looking bottle of NZ Pinot Noir

for Mae, the car from the side. It is hard to photograph while it is tucked under the house, but you will meet it in person soon. The office got him fuzzy dice as part of the going away gifts. Nice touch.
Thanks to all my family for the great Skype session this morning. I have spent the day cooking and eating and blissfully pottering around the garden pulling weeds out of rain softened soil. The house is full of the smell of turkey roasting, champagne is on ice. I hope that from the lobster pots of Nova Scotia to the BBQs of Florida, from the bakeries of Germany to the wineries of Tasmania, and all the other places my friends are scattered, that you have a very merry Christmas.

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Mae said...

The car is gorgeous! Looks like new.