Wednesday, December 5, 2012

summer daze

It is a dazzling hot day, but it was enjoyable to ride this morning, the breeze seemed coolish. Just don't stop moving, because when you do the breeze stops too. And when I got home after work (it is a lot warmer at the end of the day) This was waiting for me:

Thanks Scott! I needed that! It is amazing how cool our tepid tap water feels when it is turned into mist. What a thoughtful guy!


Mae said...

How cool is that!

Tim Joe said...

As one of my greatest supporters, Miss Dee, I want to thank you for all that you do and also do i want to thank you for your lovely posts from down under.

The TPC is about to metamorph into something else, something a little more honest and less palatable but I think that my true friends will ride along and I hope that you will be one of them. However it turns out, i will forever be a fan of yours and a loyal follower. Plant seeds and pedal yer ass off, sister! yr frnd, tj