Monday, December 17, 2012

turkey worries

We usually have a few baby turkeys scratching around the courtyard at work by now, but this year they appear and the disappear and I am worried.
One wee fellow with Dad. We have hatched 4 or 5 and it is hard not to worry about the siblings, but then we have an abundance of the critters around the place, they are hardly rare. I adore them though.
meanwhile there are more lovely pods to pick up for friends along the bikeway. 
here are the pods in situ before they fall. I may actually head out with serious intent and harvest enough to sell to the local florist market. I love them. getting geared up to do a Christmas arrangement using these. It seems odd here to use dried things for arrangements when there is so much over the top tropical abundance, but these say "Christmas" to me.
Speaking of Christmas here is my baking all done. A lovely generous gift from my very first German trainee, he was here way back in 1999 when we bought our current house. I adore him and he obviously thinks I am OK too. I have had some correspondence with a trainee who wants to come in March and after a long drought of German students I am excited! I learn so much from these young people, and the friendships go on and on. 
note to self, if you go away for a month in September your pineapple crop is seriously compromised. We have fruit but it is pretty little! Still, nothing tastes like a pineapple ripened to yellow on the plant.
Meanwhile it is very hot, the rains seem so far away to the west, and no sign of the monsoon trough that I can see. Going to be a hot summer I expect, but if you ride early and drink a lot of water it isn't all bad.
P.S for family - Patrick got head hunted into a new job, finishes at Main Roads this Friday, and is buying a CAR!!! OMG.


Theresa said...

I got a cool blue vase-ish vessel from Salvo's for my seed-flowers, so now I have a beautiful arrangement in my office! Thanks so much!

And happy christmas, happy pineapples, happy summer :D

Carol said...

Holy shit! He will be an awesome driver, with his road awareness and cycle conscience. Good for him with the new job... Keep me posted