Tuesday, January 1, 2013

...and a happy new year

I suppose people are wondering what wonderful and amazing things are going on over the holidays. Well the fruit in the garden has been pretty terrific

 I have eaten way too much good food and drunk way over the recommended daily dose of wine and champagne. Of course this included the full turkey monty.
 And then, since it is too darn hot to ride the bike much, and you can only spend so many hours a day cowering in the shade and airconditioning before you get really bored, we took on the project of painting an entire apartment between Christmas and New Years. We got started a bit late, so we just finished today, after 4 days of really hard work. My legs feel like I climbed mountains after what seems like a mile of painting baseboards.

It looks great though (if I don't say so myself), and we are getting some cooling storms at last, and off to go camping tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get a bike ride in and get started on my 2013 mileage. I have been sliding downhill with my numbers, must get serious here.

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Tim Joe Comstock said...

Yes! More miles (kilometers) in 2013!